So far she has only appeared in family gatherings.She is very mean to Chonny and his sister.She made fun of Chonny when she said he was adopted and said his sister was fat


"singing" gotta get gotta get... gotta get gotta get it

auntie:Oh wow you so big now! chonnys sister:oh yeah I got a bit taller. auntie:Noo I mean you got FAT!

Hey Chon is that a pimple on your elbow? oh wait thats your face.

Eww you have to go on a diet or starve to death or eat a tape worm I don't care. You fat eww it's gross.

Oh sorry what I got ditracted by your 500 chins jesus.

How can you let your daughter get so fat? you think my eyes have protection

You think there going to live forever after looking at dat jesus. Eww I look again! chonnys sister:cries

Thats right fatso you sure your not the monkey from monkey magic

HEY HEY! who made her cry?