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OHH...How Are You?

The video begins with Chonny saying "YO, wasup". He explains that his little cousin dislikes his videos branding them as "Gay". So he decides to watch The Avatar to cheer himself up. He sits down and turns on the television.

The transformation occours and he turns blue faced from paint, his abdominal muscles are painted on and he has a ponytail.

Seeing a lambshade designed like a plant, he taps it activating the light fixture, Then shows amusement towards it. The next scene shows him firing a Spiderman Bow creating an "Arrow to the knee". Then the light plant deactivates, but he quickly restarts it with a tap. Then he plays The Avatar video game on the PS3, but dies.

Then Bubzbeauty makes a surprize appearence, and chonny fails to hit on her twice as The Avatar and as Chonny. Bubz then calls him ugly and leaves" I'm not ugly " he replies while looking in a mirror, then he drops his head in shame.

"hey, i'm the REAL Avatar says Avatar Aang," You Should Not Be Hear! " responds chonny.